What Every Expecting Dad Needs To Know

Specialists Endorsements

"What Every Expecting Dad Needs to Know" was created with the guidelines and endorsement of Dr. F.Rene Van de Carr.  Dr. Van de Carr is world renowned in the field of prenatal stimulation and founded Prenatal University in Hayward, California.  In addition to being the Co-Director of the International Society of Pre-learning and Bonding, he is also an inventor.  Dr. Van de Carr designed and built one of the first computerized potable fetal/maternal monitors and infant respiration monitor.

Dr. F.Rene Van de Carr

"The content of the "What Every Expecting Dad Needs to Know" has been reviewed by the Health Professional Advisory Committee of our March of Dimes chapter. The March of Dimes goal to improve the health of babies parallels the goals of the educational elements contained in the program. The March of Dimes believes that education, nutrition, environment, and family bonding all contribute to a healthy birth outcome."

(Diana Bray, Executive Director, Emerald Chapter, March of Dimes)

"I do believe these sorts of things are very positive overall because they get the parents working together and thinking about the baby."

(Dr. Howard Torman, M.D., Health Correspondent, CBS This Morning)

"What Every Expecting Dad Needs to Know" is a great way to get the father involved in the bonding process early on during the pregnancy.  I recommend it to all expectant parents and use it in my classes."

Roxanna Augustine, R.N., Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator

"The information from "What Every Expecting Dad Needs to Know" is an educational opportunity for early learning enhancement for the baby during the pregnancy period, and positive bonding experience between parents and their pre-born child. It also offers a practical daily guide to concepts and methods to use during the pregnancy period so that parents may learn about their baby's feelings and reactions. Prenatal Music for Life offers audio stimulation for the unborn child and relaxation for the expectant parents. Composer Tim Patrick dedicated this music to creating interaction and communication between mother, father, child, and other family members before, during the birth experience, and during infancy. Together,useful and nicely orchestrated system to create a tactile and audio stimulation program of education for the gestating fetus, and newly born infant and it's family."

(Jill Cohen, Associate Editor, Midwifery Today Magazine)

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