What Every Expecting Dad Needs To Know

Client Testimonies

"The music is great! I’ve noticed the baby being more active during certain sections than others. That's when Ben and I pat back and talk to the baby. Being first time parents, we want to do everything right and all that we can for our baby. The DVD guided us and helped us immensely."

(Carrie and Ben Baker, Eugene, OR)

There is no way to express how I felt when my son was born!  I can't tell you how much this program meant to me and my wife. 

Jason is almost a year old now, but he is so much more advanced than the other children his age. 

If this makes it on the testimonial page somewhere and you're reading this, don't miss the opportunity to communicate and teach your baby before birth and during infancy.  

I know he knew who I was when he was born.  I wasn't just an ice chip feeder in the birthing room, I played a part in all of it, and can't wait to see what he will do next!  

Thank you for putting this out there!

(John Becker, Encino, CA)

"In the ninth-month, we could tap once, and she'd kick once. . . twice, and she'd kick back twice. . . she got up to three!"

(Marianne Murphy, Marina del Rey, CA)

"When the doctor held her up I said, 'hello Jennifer, it's nice to finally meet you!' Her eyes and hands were open and she turned her head toward my voice and the camera. I know in my heart she recognized my voice. I'll take that moment with me into eternity. You can't put a price on what this has done for us. Thank You!"

(Timothy Murphy, Marina del Rey, CA)

"I wish this was available when I was pregnant with my children. That's why I bought the Prenatal Music for Life Program for my daughter."

(Tricia Hassler, Seattle, WA)

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